Sure-Fi is the worlds first radio designed to reliably connect through heavy obstruction.

Features one-mile range with obstructions and 50+ miles line-of-sight.

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Wireless Bridge
Wireless Bridge
Wireless Bridge
Wireless Bridge
Wire replacement for Access Control Systems Wire replacement for Conventional HVAC Systems Wire replacement for Relay Controls Wire replacement for Industrial Controls

What people are saying

Just wanted to drop a note concerning your Sure-FI Wiegand Bridge to use with an Emerge system. We were going to need to trench 300+ feet to run wire and came across this item. Installed bridge and it works great. Will surely use again. Saved me a lot of time and saved my customer over $2500 in wire run cost.

Jesse A. Nix
The Key Shop, Inc.
The Wiegand Wireless Bridge main advantage is that it is truly plug and play. The unit comes prepared, and they are simple and easy to install to get the job done quick. Not having to do any trenching and pulling out wire is a big advantage. Even when we use it between multiple buildings still works great. I can give it to my guys and have them go out there and install them. Very easy product to use.
Less labor + Faster job completion = More Profit.

Loren Brunson
Georgia Automated Access Inc.
The most reliable wireless device on the market. The range continues to surprise me even though I've been installing it for over a year. The fact that it can be used as a basic relay or a Wiegand device makes it extremely versatile. The range test feature is also extremely useful. Will save you thousands of dollars in conduit runs. It's also a lifesaver with existing Construction and not having to tear apart walls.

Cameron Miller
Carolina Parking and Entry Systems
Put multiple Sure-Fi HVAC units in at a car dealership. Love the ability to control more than one from the same thermostat. Very simple to use, very sophisticated equipment. I'll use it on any big job in the future.

Quinton Severensen
Elevation Heating
We were asked to add an access control door. From where the panels are up one floor through about 3 feet of concrete, to the other end of the mall about 200 feet away. Once we get the wires up through the floor there was another concrete wall about 18 inches thick and about 4 drywall walls to go through. There is no drop tile in this place so everything would have to be put in conduit. To drill down to the panels we have to get it x-rayed because of all the stuff in the celling. Then get the electrical to run the conduit for us. We weren't sure if the Sure-Fi wireless bridge would work. If it worked we would save them thousands of dollars. We got a strong signal (5 of 6 leds) coming through. I was surprised it was so fast and that it even reached. Management told us that we were first on there list to call from now on because we thought outside the box and came up with a way to complete the job saving them thousands of dollars and getting it done in a timely manner. Thank you Sure-Fi for having an amazing product we will be thinking outside of the box from now on to secure more of the hard to get jobs.

Alex Garcia
Protection Plus