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Sure-Fi Relay Kit



A wireless relay bridge that enables wireless communication between two devices that normally communicate through a wired connection using a relay. Relays are electrically operated switches that allow a lower power signal to control a higher power circuit.

The wireless relay bridge comprises two Sure-Fi Units, A and B. One Unit is connected to the first device and the other is connected to the second device. In operation, when the first device sends a signal to engage the relay (turn on a switch, for example), this signal is received by the connected Sure-Fi unit. This unit then sends this signal wirelessly to the other Sure-Fi unit which in turn, engages its own relay, thus completing the action as if a direct wired connection existed between the two devices. The wireless communication eliminates the need for physical wiring between the two devices.


The advantage of using the Sure-Fi Relay Kit is that it allows for control over distances and in locations where running wires would be impractical, costly, or physically impossible. This could be useful in a variety of applications, from home automation to industrial control systems.

What's Included

  • 1 - Sure-Fi Relay Wireless Bridge System (DS006-RELAY). Includes one Relay Unit A and one Relay Unit B
  • 2 - 12V 2.5A Output Power Supplies with 100-240, 277 VAC Input
  • 2 - 6 foot power cords
  • 1 - Sure-Fi Screwdriver
  • Works for general purpose relay control
  • 2 pairs of relay input/outputs each direction
  • 1 digital input/output each unit
  • Battery backup input with UPS function