2017 is the Year Business
Can Cut the Wire

Introducing Reliable Long-Range Wireless

cut the cord with sure-fi wireless

Sure-Fi’s revolutionary technology produces a wireless signal with the surest connection!

Sure as a Wire, without the Fuss

Conventional Wired System

  • Get a Site Survey
  • Get a Permit
  • Hire a Construction Crew
  • Dig Trenches
  • Hire Electricians
  • Install Miles of Wire
  • Endure Weeks of Interruptions
  • Hire a Networking Professional
  • Hope It’s Installed Correctly

Sure-Fi Wireless System

  • Plug In
  • Use

Bunker Busting Technology

With Sure-Fi Wireless, There Are No Walls

Our groundbreaking wireless technology offers the latest in radio technology producing the industries most powerful signal. By using our Sure-Fi bridge, you can make any IoT device wireless even through obstructions.

Ditch The Antenna

No Bulky, Outdated Antennas Here

Our cutting edge technology contains the smallest on-board antenna; unheard of in the industry.

What Sets Sure-Fi Apart?


The Surest Connection


99.99% Up-Time


Installs in Minutes


Small Size Fit Anywhere


Low Operating Cost


Low Energy Use

Get the Sure-Fi Wireless Data Bridge Coming Soon!